Turning Failure Into Perseverance and Resilience- Andrea H.

This year has been the most amazing year. With a new maker space we are able to take our ideas and turn them into reality, it might sound like a ‘piece a cake’, but sometimes the process isn’t as beautiful as the end result as you’d think.

Building a doghouse for example you might be think that it’s basically making a box with a roof but in reality you need sketches, blueprints,frame and all the measurements have to be precise so that the house is perfect and stable for it to actually be a dog house.

My group and I, we were so excited to take on a big task like this and we thought like you might have thought that it was going to be easy but once we investigated on how and where we needed to start,we started losing hope and confidence. We didn’t think it was going to be that complicated and we talked and talked, coming up with ideas to make it easier for us but make the viewer feel that this project was more complex than it really was.

After that moment, we felt that we had a good starting point and that we could eventually pull this out, but that moment didn’t last long. We had limited number of supplies so their was no time for messing up, but it was time we screwed up. The whole frame of the house was wrong some sides were smaller than 3 ft and others were longer than 3 ft. So we had to go and re look at our plans and measurements to adapt them to our frame and trust me it wasn’t hard.

Once we had our new plan we continued with all the sides we cut all the sides to the measurements we had and realized that they all didn’t fit like they were supposed to fit so we had to go back and cut them which took up a lot of time. I felt like we weren’t going to finish the project and that we had to really step up and finish it.

We finished the house and all we needed were the stairs and we were done but none of us knew how to build stairs so we had to research how to build stairs which again took most of our time up. We then build the frame of our stairs and realized that the steps widen up when going to the top but we had literally no time to fix it with our presentation the next day we knew we had to just work around it.

Eventually we finished the dog house on time but it took a lot of sacrifice with staying after school, having to pitch in money to buy supplies, having to stay confident, and no loose patience. It was one of those projects we experienced failure but overcame it by staying positive and having resilience.IMG_1128

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