Potato Bag Making by: Thalia Gomez

My group and I have planned to make a maxi dress. We have been going to Ms. Mauser for sewing lessons so we can create our own maker project. So far we have improved a lot. We have learned how to thread a sewing machine, how to spin a bobbin, and how to set up a machine.


Before doing our maker project we had to do a small project to get the hang of using a sewing machine. Due to the testing that will happen and time, we were not able to do our maker project of a maxi dress connected to a lilypad, so certain parts of the dress could light up.


So far my group and I have started our project with Ms. Mauser which is to create a potato chip bag out of chosen fabric. We have started to sew the edges which is the 1st and basic step of making the bag. Next time we go we’re supposed to finish sewing the edges and start doing the outside of the bag. And from there we start doing everything else and putting it together. Which will turn into a potato chip bag.

Over these few full-class classes we have learned how to sew. Which I think is the most important thing we have learned in those  classes. Plus this skill is really useful, because in the future we could make something for fun or important somebody might need. Like knitting sweaters, scarfs, mittens (etc…) for the homeless or people who really need them.

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