Maker project in process By: Natalia Vazquez


My goal for this project is to learn at least one new skill that could change my life. My group and I just learn how to sew on sewing machines we aren’t experts still but we learning to become one. Before I ever thought about learning how to sew on sewing machines I wasn’t planning on ever learning this skill I thought it was complicated, had no interest on sewing and probably impossible for me to learn how to sew. Well I challenge myself so I decided to give it a chance on sewing, I ending up enjoying and having fun with it. I am proud that I now know how to sew. The purpose for sewing is that in our maker project we(my group and I) want to make a bag that process sewing is the main challenge or goal that we have to achieve. So far during learning on how to sew we are making a bag. Finally how I feel about my maker project is completely enjoyable, challenged, and happiness.

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