Failures By: Gisel Perez

We all have failures in our life. Some bigger than others. One of the failures I’ve had is when I tried to bake a cake. I wanted to bake a cake for fun, and because we had just gotten the ingredients. I got the idea and started planning it out. I used the instructions on a recipe I had heard of before. It looked really good and I wanted to try it, so that afternoon I started. I got all the ingredients and started working. At first it seemed pretty fine I was feeling pretty good about it and put it in the oven. After it came out it looked okay, it hadn’t really expanded completely but expanded enough. I started with my decorations and and frosting. After I was done I cut it and tasted it. To my disappointment it hadn’t come out as good as it looked from the outside. It tastes terrible, but I don’t give up. I worked on it and after that failed try I looked up and I hadn’t put all the ingredients it needed and I had opened the oven to soon which didn’t let the bread expand as much as it should have been. With this experience I have now learned from my mistakes and now my my cakes are better than ever. I know now that I have to work on my mistakes on whatever it is and never give up, because every mistake you make the better and better the next one will be.

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