“Materials Definition: the matter from which a thing is or can be made.”

My partner and I picked out the module materials because we thought it would be fun to do and we actually learned to reuse recycled materials and make them into new things.

At first we had to look for the materials we could use, but before that we had to pick out a word my partner Monserrat picked out the word integrity because it means the “quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”

Our first idea was to make all the letters out of cardboard but when we went to look at the recycling box we found a variety of materials that were already used. we had an idea where we knew how they would look and we got some of the material that we could use to make our letters.

When we started building some of the letters I cut the T out of styrofoam and it was very easy to cut it out because we working together to build the word and my partner was keeping me in task. I painted the letter T orange. Another letter I painted was the letter N and I painted it pink with black and peach colored  polk a dots but my partner accidentally got some green paint so I just put more green in it and it turned out looking great.

I also helped paint the top part of the first letter I and I wanted it to look like Captain Americas shield but we did not have the color red so i just painted it blue and put black squiggly lines on it .It also had a black star in the middle with yellow paint surrounding it . For the letter E we used a small plastic pole and we used paint palettes to make the lines for the letter E.

For the letter G my partner made it look 3D and she painted it green. For the letter R, I cut it out and my partner Monserrat painted it blue and put black squiggly lines on it . for the letter T we found a cut up pool noodle and a used folder to make the top part of the T.

This module helped us understand that we could reuse some of the things that were already used and make them into something else.But it also showed us that we could make anything we want if we wanted.

-Nayeli Espinoza integrity

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