Marble Run Planing

Hello hello hello! Blog post numero cinco here. Currently, my group is working on a marble run. Since they have all taken to the idea of writing about it, I have decided to write about coming up with the ideas. At first, I was so excited to just get my ideas out, to get them on paper and make the drafts a reality. The only problem was the limited amount of time and limited amount of supplies. I had to be aware that we were only given so long to complete this project.

Now to the ideas portion. To come up with ideas I would think about what we were trying to do, our goal, and then what things I have seen around that would help us achieve that goal. For example, I noticed that a gum ball machine would fit in with the new and old theme, while being able to fit a marble. But could we build one with our current supplies? Sadly, no. So I had to move on to the next idea until I had sorted through and found the perfect marble run. Have fun checking out the rest of this blog, and more on the marble run soon!


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