Bird Clothes

Many times in a big project when something goes wrong, we tend to want to give up. The amount of progress we’ve made leaves our mindset and we only focus on how much we have left to go. Both of these situations are great to keep in mind for their own reasons. Our progress shows how much we’ve accomplished and done well, but many times we get caught up in how much we’ve achieved that we don’t think about what we could do to make it better or what needs to be completed in the first place.

For my maker project, I went outside of my comfort zone. I knew that we would be given a big amount of time to complete this project so I tried my hardest not to shy away from a difficult but achievable idea. I wanted to make something that would make me learn something along the way.

When I sat down with my group, we were so uncertain of what we wanted to create. The first thing was a bird bath, then it was a bird house. Our ideas were all based around birds, which made no sense to me. My group member mentioned bird clothes. Birds with clothes on? Is that a thing? We laughed at the idea, but never went back to it.

The next class period came along and we still didn’t know what to create for the Maker Project. We all agreed that the idea of making bird clothes was really unusual, but probably achievable. My group member Nicole already had experience with sewing so we decided to give it a try.

Over the next few classes we started to practice sewing, which was extremely hard for me. We brainstormed the pieces of clothing we wanted to make for our collection, and the drawings included hats, skirts, and capes. We also decided we wanted to store this clothing in a tiny closet.

The next classes were spent creating the closet using the tools provided in the maker space. Many of the times I shied away from them, but with more direction from my teacher, I became comfortable with them. We had so many obstacles along the way but as a group we overcame them. Also, when we did the clothes, the sewing was very frustrating. Through all of these obstacles, I learned something very important. A group can accomplish so many things together. Now I am very confident for the Maker Faire, and have learned so many team skills through this project.

By: Tori Baltierra (8th period)

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