The Giving Bunny Project By:Vanessa Mireles

What it is about…

The Giving Bunny project was started by Isabella Vergara. It is about making other people happy. All you have to do is hand sew a bunny and when you finish you give the bunny a name, and put it anywhere you want so when someone sees it Bunny 1that person can take it home. You can put inspirational quotes that can make them smile.


  • Tearaway stabilizer: So you can trace the design of the bunny and know where to sew (make dashes instead of tracing).
  • Plush fabric: You are gonna use this for the body where you trace the design.
  • Polyester stuffing: When you are done sewing the bunny you are going to stuff it (the more the better).
  • Hand-sewing needle and thread: To sew the eyes, and the nose.
  • Pom-Poms: You will need this before you stuff the bunny. Hand sew the tail with white thread.
  • Scraps of Fabric:This is optional because it’s just for designing the bunny like scarfs, bows, etc.

How to make it…Bunny 2

First you are going to get this trace out of the bunny and use the plush fabric to trace it on to. When you have done that and have cut out the body, trace out the eyes and nose. Once you have completed that, get some brown thread and sew the eyes on following the dashed lines around the eyes. With pink thread you are going to trace the nose and then use a little brown for a line under the nose. Once you finish sewing you are going to back stitch, if you don’t know what that is, it’s just turning the bunny around with the other side and stitching that up. When you are done turn it inside out and stuff it. Then sew the bottom and you are ready to decorate.

Bunny 3        Bunny 4           Bunny 5             Bunny 6

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