When you make artwork you’re expressing yourself, you are saying something about yCaptureourself. You’re showing other people what you think or how you think without using words. Most people say you can only use paper or canvas put your artwork on, but there’s actually another way. That’s what I want to show people in the Make-O-Rama that you can use different materials. My material is wood, I am tracing out something that I have drawn on inventor and then laser cutting/engraving it into a piece of wood.

The first piece of artwork I chose to trace on inventor was a fire, water Ying-Yang that I had drawn. The hardest part when I was tracing the Ying-Yang was doing the fireside because each flame was unique so I couldn’t just make one, then copy and paste it. I also had to do the smaller flames inside the big imageflames. I was making flames in three steps side, top, side and sometimes I had to go back and fix some mistakes. Not only did that part take me the longest, but it was also the hardest to do. Since I was doing just those three steps repeatedly I was getting bored and distracted. I gave myself a goal I was going to finish it that day and that’s what I did. The second hardest thing was cutting it out. Why? Because the wood I picked out was for some reason very flammable .When I put it in the laser cutter in and it started cutting it was catching on fire so I didn’t know if it would go out and it’s on its own, when the laser cutter moved or I would have to pull it out the laser cutter and stomp on it to put the flame out. Fortunately that didn’t happen and I was able to cut it all out.

I feel like I learned the importance of setting a goal for yourself because you get things done quicker and easier when you know what you’re aiming for. I also now know new tricks to the laser cutter so next time I plan on it not catching on fire. The next Art piece I’m doing to do is tracing out my Dragon, Icefire, wonder how that’s going to go.


By Zoё Magee

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