To Build Even Better By Erin N.

On April 24, 2015 it will be the Ann Richards Schools first Make-O-Rama.  My groups project is a marble run.  You may remember having a marble run as a child, a multicolored plastic thing that little balls roll down. It may have looked something like the one on the picture to the right. marble-run But my groups marble run is going to be a little different. Of course there’s a main post that begins all the journey of the marbles.   There will be two starting points.  We already have one ramp built out of wood and are holding test runs on this ramp, but of course it hasn’t reached its goal of the bottom of the marble run. That is because the other ramp will be joining with it, but we just need to print it. If you’ve never heard of a 3D printer before you are probably really confused. A 3D printer is a bit self explanatory, what it does is print

3D printed marble run

3D printed marble run

different 3D things out of a plastic filament, you can print things from dolls to lamps to mini robots that really

function.  In our case we’re printing brackets that will hold the filament, which makes the paths for the marbles roll down.  This 3D printed ramp will start lower than the other one but will join with wooden ramp.  When the two ramps combine they will make a more advanced  looking version of the wooden one.

Fancy wooden marble run.

Fancy wooden marble run.

This isn’t completely random with the 3D printed ramp and wood styles, it has a deeper meaning along with it.   I thought of this while I was taking a look at what we’ve achieved so far and talking with Elayna about what the next steps would be. This deeper idea that we’re now bringing into this project with the advanced looking newer part at the end.  The whole idea is of new technology of the new era and the technology of the past.  The old reliable ways of with wooden ramps work well, while the new ways work a bit better but people can be uncertain about them or unable to receive access. When both of these people combine they can share knowledge  and wisdom of past experiences and the new can bring new technologies and different ways of doing something.  Just like how our two ramps will be working together to create something even better. Maybe something like the picture below.

Glowing marble run ramp (thinking of incorporating into our design.)

Glowing marble run course (we’re thinking of incorporating into our design.)

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