Playhouse by Lucero Puente

This six weeks, me and my group did not do a module, but instead, we were working on a project for a Makerfaire, which is towards the end of the school year. Right now, a lot of people are working on their projects to present at the Makerfaire. What my group is doing is building a playhouse for little kids that are aged 3-6. After we have finished the playhouse(we hope to finish it before the Makerfaire) we want to donate it to a school or maybe a children’s hospital( for example, Dell Children’s.) When we were designing the playhouse, we were kind of unsure of what it would look like and the measurements, and things like that. Afterwards, when we found out what we wanted it to look like, we decided on it to be 6x5x6 ft and we wanted to paint it to look like a barn/ farm. Basically red on the outside and a few more details. On the inside we wanted to put things in so that the kids come ld be cozy. We want to put in a book shelf so they could put things in there, and then a few pillows in there so they could sit/lay down. That is basically what we want to put in it and then we are going to put in more things so the kids could be entertained. So far in class, we have only made three out of four frames for the playhouse, and it may seem like a little, but it takes work. We have to measure them and cut them to be exact measurements and then put them together to make it sturdy. We have actually done a lot, but it was fun and we hope to get this done perfectly.

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