Maker Faire Project

By: Bonnie J.

In PLTW class, I have recently started working on my maker faire project. For this project, we were allowed to choose what we wanted to create with a partner or group. The projects that we chose had to be related to our mission statement.

The project my partner and I decided to do was a puzzle box. We chose this because it would be a fun challenge to build. In our mission statement, it says “… solves problems creatively and ethically in support of our global community.” AnIMG_3476d opening the puzzle box makes someone have to be creatively to open it.

The first thing my partner and I had to do was find a design for out puzzle box. We found a few different designs, but then we decided on one that we liked. The design we chose is called the Puzzler Puzzle Box.  After we found our design, we got our materials and started to cut out each piece, which included six panel pieces and twelve end pieces. These pieces would all fit together and create the box.

One thing my partner and I were excited about was learning how to use the chop saw. Once we cut out the pieces, we decided that it would be better to use IMG_3543the laser cutter to get more precise pieces. Before we could use the laser cutter though, we had to create a template using the application Illustrator on the computer. When we finished our template, we finally got to use the laser cutter. This took some time, but it was worth it because each pieces fit perfectly with the others.

The next step to build the puzzle box was to use wood glue to attach two end pieces to each side of one panel piece.

Currently, my partner and I have completed constructing five out of six side pieces of the box. The only thing we need to do now is use a drill press to carve out small circles to insert magnets and dowels into one end piece and one side of a panel piece. This is going to be how you open the puzzle box, by removing one of the end pieces from a IMG_3501panel piece. My partner and I were also thinking about engraving a design on our box to make it more unique and painting it one solid color to make it more challenging gong to open.

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