More than Just Plush

Hello Readers! Last time, I had written about the struggle to find the right maker project and even though I liked all of my ideas, they weren’t meant to be. Instead, I ended up joining the Giving Bunny Project group. At the time it was only Izzy (Isabella Vergara) who was in the group because it was she who started it, aIMG_3055[1]nd I was in much need of a project that I applied. I wouldn’t say that I was good at sewing and embroidery but right now I’m grateful for every bit of experience that I had.

The Giving Bunny Project’s sole purpose is to create little stuffed bunnies and to give them away. Based on that information, Izzy started the next class after my application by teaching correctly how to make them. Let’s just say that at the end of that day, my hands were coated with pen. To make a bunny, you first need to trace the outline of the bunny, then embroider it’s little face, after that we sow the bunny together with the very complicated “backstitch”, then we would flip it inside out, sew on it’s pom-pom tail and finally stuff them (with the  final addition of closing it up). I wouldn’t really say that its a complicated process but making the bunnies takes IMG_2830[1]much more time than expected.

Soon after my application was accepted, Lendy (Cano) and Vanessa (Mireles) applied as well and we split up the jobs to make the process faster. At first we were all working on embroidering the bunnies’ faces, me also giving basic sewing classes to the newcomers, but as soon as we had enough bunnies with faces, I started to sow the bunnies together. More people also means more distractions and it is very easy to get distracted but I guess that we manage.IMG_2771[1]

Our goal right now is to finish up making as many bunnies as we can. Emelyn (Macias) applied as well so now we have five people working on the bunnies which is a relief but we still need a lot more. So far in the project we have laughed, we have fought but I still enjoyed most moments. I hope people smile when they find these bunnies, and  I think we’ll do well for the make-o-rama too.

By: Karla Rodriguez

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