Stitching Along By: Isabella V.

In February, I was super excited to start my Maker Project. I really wanted to make a quilt, because I thought that it was an amazing project that would only take the basic sewing skills that I have. I was looking at simple quilt designs on Pinterest, when I found this blog post with instructions on how to make an easy Half-Square-Triangle quilt.

IMG_9396 copy

I modified the pattern a little so that it was white and rainbow-colored, because I absolutely adore rainbows, and I also made it a little bit bigger than what the pattern called for. It took me a lot longer to cut all the little triangles in the quilt than I expected, but when it was finally over, I was quite relieved because I was most afraid of cutting the squares.

After I had cut squares, I sewed the squares together, with two seams 1/4 inch away from the middle, then cut them down the middle. I had to sew a lot of these–180 squares! And once I finished these, I had to iron every single one, and it took hours. Once I had these squares, I sewed them into long strips, which I sewed together to created the rainbow pattern of my quilt. Halfway through doing this, I realized that I didn’t have enough colors, so I bought some extra pink. When everything was sewn together, I was finally done with the longest and most challenging part of my quilt!

After that, I took my quilt batting (which is like stuffing, but in a sheet form), and put it in between a long piece of plain white fabric and the top of my quilt. I laid this out, and pinned all around the edges.

My Quilt

My Quilt

Now, I have yet to sew around the edges, sew in the seams, and add a binding to the edges. Here’s what I have so far:

My Quilt (again)

My Quilt (again)

My quilt in the sewing machine in our Makerspace

My quilt in the sewing machine in our Makerspace

Quilt (folded up)

Quilt (folded up)

I’ve been super busy with my quilt, but for some reason, I had the bright idea of starting a whole other project… This Giving Bunny Project. I also got this idea off of Pinterest. Here’s the link:

I decided I also wanted to do this project before I realized how long my quilt would take me, so now I’m struggling to keep up with all the sewing.

Before I complain about my over-abundant workload, let me explain the Giving Bunny Project. It’s basically a public art installation, with a cute sewing project. You make a bunch of little bunnies, and you hide them in different places for anyone to pick up, and keep forever. I wanted to do something that involved everyone around me, so I think this is a great way to do just that. I promoted this idea to the class, and 4 more people joined my group. Here’s an image of how to make a bunny:

Giving Bunny Process

Giving Bunny Process

We first trace the outline onto our white fleece, then carefully cut it out along he bold line, and embroider a cute face. Then we sew along the dotted line with the face facing inwards (This was my job) and turn it inside out. Then we stuffed the bunnies, closed them up, and accessorized them! And just FYI, the last bunny with the scarf is the very first bunny that I made. 🙂

So now, onto the complaining. I had given myself a huge workload without meaning to, because I thought that sewing would be a lot faster than it has been. My group and I have been making only 1-3 bunnies per day, which isn’t very much, considering that we want to make a bunch. Also, my quilt isn’t getting finished because I’m arguing with my group-mates about how much I should work on the Giving Bunny Project, or on my quilt.

I consulted Ms. Sauter about what I should do, because neither one of my projects was getting done, and she said that I should let my group-members take over the Giving Bunny Project, and work on my quilt full-time. I decided that this was a good decision, but I would teach them how to use the sewing machine before I left, so that they could sew around the bunnies without me.

I’m really happy to see that my group members are getting better at sewing. When we first embarked on this project, they had no knowledge of sewing, and when you looked at their bunnies… you could tell. I had to teach them how to sew, and now, they’re a lot better at it! Although some bunnies don’t quite resemble bunnies, and some bunnies are a little misshapen (probably because of my sewing machine skills), but most of them are turning out great. I’m really sad to be leaving the group, but frankly I was really stressing over getting my work done, so it takes a huge weight off of my shoulders.

Here are some more pictures of the Giving Bunny Project:

IMG_20150409_114743643 IMG_20150409_114857375

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you check out the Giving Bunny Project on Urban Threads, and the tutorial for the quilt! Both of my projects are really fun, and I hope you try them out too!

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