Playhouse for the Makerfair

Hello Readers,

I recently started my maker project. My group is making a playhouse for kids under four years of age to play in. We are planning donate to an organization or maybe a school that may want to take it.
We made blueprints for a decent sized playhouse and made a design on Inventor. I honestly never thought I would ever use Inventor again. Back in 7th grade we used it for PLTW and I absolutely hated it, when I was done with the project I thought it would be the last time I would hear of it. I was wrong. But my group members helped me figure out how to use it a little bit and we got the design done!
Then we were ready to work on our prototype which was very fun to do. We cut up cardboard to our measurements and made a little house.
Next, we ordered materials like plywood, paint, and roof shingles. We were also invited to use some wood that was left in the hallway. We took it apart with some drills and put them in a big pile.
After that we started cutting them to fit our measurements and put them together to make the frame of a wall. We have made three wall frames total. That is all we have so far but I think this playhouse will turn out great once it’s done, and I’m very proud of all the progress we’ve made in a short time.
Thanks for reading,
Catalina Gonzalez 8th Period
unnamed window wall Marlene
(p.s. Marlene is not in our group but I wanted to show how she cannot follow directions)

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