A Builders Progress

For this month’s blog post I decided to talk about our wonderful maker projects. A maker project is basically just a project where we get to choose what we want to build. For my maker project I decided I wanted to make, a dog house. Unfortunately my dog house idea was put down when I realized the dog house could not be built because of the lack of help since it was just my friend Emelyn and I, Despite not being able to build my dog house, I went for the next big thing, a playhouse. My friend Prisila was making a Playhouse for little children out of wood with her group so I decided to join in because it was similar to what I was going to build but just a tad bit bigger. It only took a little bit of time to join the group and once in, the group welcomed me and accepted my help.

Since the group already had started their project before I joined they did all the sketches and the planning for the house and I came in just in time to start helping build the prototype. Once we finished our prototype we got in to building.

The first step of building a playhouse would be gathering materials, and to our luck there was some abandoned wood structures left around the school so we took the advantage and used the wood to build our frame for the walls of the playhouse. Of course before that we had to take apart the structures that were already built so one of my group members and I grabbed drills and removed the nails so that we could use the wood. During this time I gained the skill of using the hand drills and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty good at it.. 🙂

After all that was done we got to cutting the wood to the sizes we needed to build the frame of the playhouse. To be honest it was pretty hard to calculate where all of the wood was going to be placed but once we got the hang of it the making of the frame was a breeze. So far we have completed three frames out of the four walls we are going to build and one of those frames has a window on it which was a challenge we faced but eventually got through. Now all is left of our playhouse is our fourth frame, building the roof, the door, putting the whole thing together, painting the structure and then decorating the inside so it will be kid ready when we donate it to a cause that would like to have it.

Thanks for reading!

By Brenda Puente

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