The City Skyline by Macy Nelms

This six weeks I have mostly been working on my maker project. When I was first trying to come up with an idea I had no idea where to start. One night I kept thinking how amazing it would be to make a model of Austin using the 3D printer. We live in such a beautiful city and I would love create the entire thing but that is way too ambitious and we only have two months. I decided that I still loved the idea I just need to compromise. I decided to just build the main skyscrapers and maybe the capital. In class the next day I asked my current partner Zoe what she thought and she loved the idea. After a little more planning and designing we decided on an idea and started our project, ready for the challenge.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 6.09.39 PM

Currently we are creating all of the buildings along congress, starting at the Bat Bridge and continuing however far we can in the time given. So far we have created the Bat Bridge, the Radisson Hotel, Wells Fargo bank, and I am currently working on the One Congress building. We have been using a program called TinkerCAD it is a free website that you sign up for and you can create anything for the 3D printer.

Building these complex buildings on a computer program can be pretty difficult but we are up for the challenge. My partner and I had very little experience with the program, we used it for about a week during a module but when we first started working on this project we were still finding new things every day. Now that it has been about three weeks since we started the project I sometimes believe I am an expert but i’m just being cocky. We are less than half way through the project and I know it is going to be amazing, the buildings are looking great and we are moving along very quickly. Hopefully we will have built up the Frost Bank Tower by the time of our schools first ever Make-O-Rama!

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