PLTW, Automation and Robotics By: Hope Calderon

Here in our PLTW (Project Lead The Way) class we do things very differently, we don’t have the usual ‘teacher standing at the front of the room teaching’, Our Teacher Mrs. Sauter is very laid back and cool, in the beginning of the year, on one of our school websites Haiku, she made a ton of these things called Modules. Modules are these mini projects that we complete with a group or by ourselves, in these modules we normally have two challenges, one to be completed as a group and one individually, in the span of 1-2 weeks. After we complete those challenges we have a reflection from the module to reflect what we learned and later we have to complete a quiz. Like for example, I am currently working on the Automation and Robotics module. For my first challenge I had to do research on an Industrial robot. For my research I had to answer some questions to get a better understanding on what an Industrial Robot is. Heres what I learned. The Industrial robot can do many different tasks. Some of the tasks the Industrial Robot can do are welding, painting and handling materials. The Industrial robot can also lift very heavy things, and do the same task everyday, all day for long periods of time, like for years. The Industrial Robot is used in factories, and has six degrees of freedom and six independent joints. The Industrial Robot is multi-functional, it can do many tasks like painting, putting things together, moving things and so much more! The industrial robot is programmed to do the task the owner wants it to do. The Industrial Robot can be automatically controlled and/or reprogrammed. Industrial Robots are very expensive, but they eventually pay off for all the work they produce, some more advantages are it can make things very fast and produce a larger quantity of the product the owner wants. The Industrial Robot can provide employment Jobs/Careers, you can make the Industrial Robots, learn to program it, and/or  run test on the robots. Industrial robots are very cool and can do many things. If I didn’t do this challenge on Industrial Robots then I would have not know what they are, what they can accomplish and what they capable of. After I completed my first challenge, I am now starting on my second challenge. For my second challenge I will be using The Vex Robotic Kit. The Vex Robotics Kit is a kit that people use to build many things that are/can be related to robotics. These Vex Robotics Kits are very cool and very interesting, with the Kits you can make all of these awesome and cool things, you could practically build anything you please. My experience with the Vex Kits are very positive. When your first using the Kits they are very confusing and hard to understand, but the more you use the kits, the more you will start to understand them. When I was starting to use the Vex Program it was very hard for me, I felt like I wanted to quit, but I watched some videos and read some articles to how to understand them better. After watching those videos and reading those articles, I felt better, I sort of knew what to do, but at least I was doing better that I was before. My task is to make a Spinning sign with a catchy title for a Marketing Firm to attract more customers. To save energy I must install a switch for the sign when the store is closed for the night. After I finish that I will just have to complete my reflection and quiz, then I am done with this module and will start another soon! (:

The Industrial Robot.

What’ in the Vex Robotics Kit.

A Vex Robotics Kit.

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