Maker Project “bird clothes” By: Gisel Perez

For my maker project me and my group are working on bird clothes, accessories and a closet. So far we have finished the closet. I think so far making the closet has been my favorite part even though I do like making bird clothes. While we were making the closet we going t to learn how to use many new tools. For example we got to use the laser cutter, for cutting sides of the closet. We also used the nail gun, witch was pretty scary at first, but once we got used to it, it was a piece of cake, we used it to put the wood together. With these tools we also used many more to make holes, to cut wood ect. With the experience of the tools now we know how to use them if we need to use them for a future project or even outside of school. After we finished building the closet we painted it, made hangers and continued to work on making new clothes and accessories.

bird closet

bird closet 2


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