Maker Project By:Enalisa Blackman

This year we are doing something new, we are going to be participating in the Maker Faire. Basically, we get in a group and we decide on a project, the roles of everyone and how we’re going to work together as a group. In our group there is Mikeyia, Jousie, Elyssa C., Ginger, Andrea and I. We originally had 7 people, but unfortunately we had to get rid of a group member due to lack of distribution of work evenly and it was just too many people. There are 3 things that I’ve learned working with these people and making decisions on what to do and how to do them.
Thing number one, I learned about leadership. In this group I’m considered the leader. And if I’m being honest, it’s so hard to be the leader of 5 people. There’s always something to do and someone asking “What can I do?” “Whats next?” “How can I help?” and sometimes I don’t know the answers to any of them. I am in charge of making sure everyone is on task, but part of that is knowing what everyone is doing and I can’t do that without knowing what needs to be done. Part of being a leader is having confidence in what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. And it’s not that I don’t have confidence in the people in my group or what I’m doing, it’s that sometimes I don’t have confidence in myself. Also another part of being a leader is having focus, and for me personally, sometimes it’s hard to focus on certain things especially when people are constantly asking questions you don’t know the answers to and when there’s so much going on around you. What I now know is that it’s okay to be frustrated and to ask questions and it’s okay to need/take a break regardless of whether or not you’re a leader. Good leaders make decisions in the best interest of their group, which leads me into my next point.
Decision making is hard. You have to make the best decision that interests others as well as yourself. Sometimes when the decision isn’t in your interest but it’s in everyone else’s you have to let go of yours and just go with the flow. It’s like making a sacrifice for the good of your group. And clearly, the decision you make isn’t always going to be the best and it’s not always going to work out because everyone makes mistakes. But when you do make the wrong decision, it’s important to take ownership of the choice you made. Also, when making a decision it’s important to take into consideration all the things that could go well and all the things that could go bad. So, having an internal pros and cons list is always important. If the good does outweigh the bad and everyone agrees then you have your choice. However if your bad outweighs the good then you should probably reconsider the choice you’re about to make. Like I said before, your plan isn’t always going to work out but it’s always good and important to have a plan B or a fall back plan.
And last but not least, I learned a lot about working in a group. Being in a group of 2 is hard enough but a group of 6 is even harder. But somehow we managed to work it out. Working in a group with 5 other girls is not the easiest thing in the world. Everyone has their own ideas, views and insights and taking all of that into consideration is a whole lot of pressure. Also, sometimes it can be annoying because you can’t agree on a certain thing and you expect everyone to be on task and on point when in all reality that is never the case. That to me is annoying. But when you’re working in a group, it can reduce stress because you’re not in charge of so much and you know that at least half of the group will do what they tell you to. Also, working in a group makes things go by faster because you divide and conquer pretty much everything. Even though working in a group is hard, sometimes and most of the time, it’s worth it in the end.
As you can see, I’ve learned a lot this past 6 weeks, but the most valuable thing that I learned is that its okay to need to take a break, it’s okay to be wrong, and it’s all worth it in the end. Being a leader isn’t the easiest thing in the world but when you see the impact you make and how important you are to the group you’re in, everything seems to fall in place and all of a sudden everything makes sense, and it’s all worth it.

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