Maker project-Xochitl de la cruz

So these past few weeks have been really great. I feel like I’ve learned many thing   from what were building. We are making the one and only children play house which in my opinion is the most amazing thing. At first getting things together was complicated like the measurements, knowing what materials we would use, knowing how we wanted it to look like and things like that were just really hard. After a few days we got the hang of it and started using our time wisely and efficiently to our convenience we had left over materials that we could use to build the walls. We also got to talk to an expert builder he showed us a lot of simple and easy ways to build are house safely, thank you for that. As a group I feel like we have grown and gained knowledge in that area in my perspective we also have learned to share the tasks evenly and work together efficiently. I hope in the end we come out with and amazing and fun play house in which children can pass the time and enjoy themselves.

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