Catapult Process By Amy Torres

This week for the blog post I decided to talk about my maker fair project! My maker fair project is a catapult and it’s coming along great! The catapult is being done by Cindy,Astrid,Sandy, and me. The catapult is just starting to get built but we have made the prototype and we are just going to double the size of the prototype to do the real thing.

So far the process is coming along. We have the majority of our materials and all we need to start doing is plan it all out. We are going to be using the laser cutting machine and the rest would be put together by hand.  Our maker project is great. I enjoy working with my fellow classmates and I think that we chose a good group with one another. (Qualities of my group members) Sandy is good at controlling the group members and getting them focused again, Cindy is good at designing the things and astrid is good at figuring the things out and putting them together. I am good with tools and especially the mallet. 🙂

image1 (1)      

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