Maker Fair Project -Andrea H.

     Maker Fair a place to show your creativity and skills and what better way to show them than in a dog house. A dog house is a good way to learn about engineering.  

      Along the process we plan to change up the original design of a dog house and turn it to something unique and useful. We plan to create a two story dog house with safe and fun decorations to accommodate any dog.

      So far we have the base done and are planning to complete it by five more classes. The most important is to include the customers request and to work with all the constraints. Our group has enjoyed this project so far because it has tested our engineering skill and our time management skills. Our goals are to complete the dog house by dividing and conquering but the most important aspect is having the maker space to do it and having professional advice along the way and hopefully we finish it.

Along the way I have learned that communication and group discussion is very important to make decisions also being able to manage our time usefully. 

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