Maker Fair Project

  1. Maker Fair Project BY:Jousie Rodriguez

    Talking about how to make things might be kinda boring when you can do it by yourself.I know how that feels because that has happen to me in this maker fair project.My group and I have the opportunity to be able to apply what we know already about engineering into our maker fair project. When my group and I went through at the end we all agree because we like dogs so we wanted to creat a dog house that has more innovations than the dog houses you would be able to buy today.

    As we are starting with the process of creating our dog house we been having difficulties over little things that we thought weren’t important.Butr know I know for the future that even those little details can because a big thing at the end and will help you throughout your life not only for engineering but for other things.I am exited to see at the end what we have created because I know that its going to be one of a kind we have 6 people in this group that can create something for everyone to like. Not only myself is exited but our whole team is because it’s the first time we work together and we can accomplish anything if we set our mind to it.Hope at the end you like our one of a kind dog house.

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