Maker Fair Project

Elyssa J. Castillo
7th period
Maker Fair Project

There are so many ideas you could do for the maker fair…I chose to do a dog house. I chose to do a dog house because I thought it would be a fun experience. But I realized when we were planning it, that is a long process to go through. Like you have to know what you want it to look like. You have to make a really good sketch, so you can understand it. You have to come up with all the measurements, and it’s pretty much just like making a regular house but for a dog.

Okay so first what we did is that we made a sketch of a two story dog house…yeah this dog is going to live better than I do. But we also made to measurements of the doghouse, then we started to do the measurements of the frame. Then when we started to change the design throughout the time that we’ve spent on it. So we’re pitching in all of our ideas and things like that. We’re not done with it yet but so far it actually really fun and it looks pretty good so far:). And I will catch up with you next time on what happens next, thanks for reading:).

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