Wooden Speaker By: Candace Castillo

Wooden Speaker:


So, this 6th weeks the entire class of PLTW has started to construct or come up with a maker project. Why, a maker project you may I ask? Because on April 24th, I believe, there is a fair called “Maker Faire”. Where you show your creations that you have fully thought of and worked so hard on, which is what we are doing. Some of the ideas that our fellow classmates have are making apps, catapults, dog houses, etc. People are really putting their creative thoughts into these projects.


Now, I have told you about my classmates projects and ideas. It is time to tell you what me and my partner, Arianna Nunez, have thought of. Do you guys remember in the beginning of the school year, we made those can speakers in the Biography room? Well, our idea is a bit similar to that particular project. Me and Arianna’s idea, was to make a wooden speaker. Sort of similar to can speakers that we made. The whole purpose of this project is to be able to amplify the sound, coming from the phone, with even using any electronic wiring.


Me and Arianna have been doing our research on the materials and ways to build the “perfect” wooden speaker. We had to look on tons of websites to find the right wood, that would amplify the sound in the best way. And, also some designs that were easy to make but, were also so unique and that would give our sound the best amplification. Currently, we already have our materials sent in to Mrs. Sauter and are awaiting their arrival. We are also waiting for our Nepris video chat so, we can get some feedback on what we have at the time.


My partner and I are very excited to see what our finished product will look and sound. We hope to start constructing soon, and are excited to, hopefully, take our project to the Maker Faire this year. Thank you for reading this far… wish us luck on our wooden speaker!


-Candace Castillo

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