Trials & Errors

By Sage O’Brien

Do you ever just wish you could control things with your eyes? Now, with Google cardboard glasses and apps that are made for your smartphone you can. These past few weeks Lily and I have been working with Adobe Illustrator, the laser cutter and cardboard to try to re-create our own cardboard gla1st Attemptsses. We have had many trials and errors and will face more in the future, but we have only learned from our mistakes. Our first attempt using the laser cutting ended up with lots of damp spots and even the engraved lines cut out. So we went back to square one and revised things on Illustrator. 2nd AttemptThe second time around we certain everything was going to turn out great, we even had this really nice, thick cardboard. Sadly, the nice, thick cardboard backfired on us and we had the opposite problem as before, was nothing cut out. But we learned from this to slow down the speed of the laser cutter comparing thicknessif we have thicker material. Our third try was last class; “third time’s a charm” they always say, not always. Last class we were fully confident that it was going to cut out perfectly because it felt like we had learned so much about Illustrator and the laser cutter, but it was only the beginning. On a good note, our third try was the best, and we actually got to fold some of what we cut out. Hopefully we’ll cut out a good one so we can start making even more pairs of glasses. But from experience, I know that it takes a long time to fully accomplish and master tasks, skills, and projects.   3rd Attempt 3rd Attempt (1)

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