Google Cardboard Glasses and the Need for Patience By:Lily Myers

The maker project, the google cardboard glasses has really been testing my partner, sage and mys patients, which is actually good. The google cardboard glasses are a virtual world is a program from google, and the idea where you program a virtual world app for typically the samsung phone and then use it by putting it in a crafted cardboard glasses so you can only see the glasses making it a virtual world. Sage and I are going to change it up by programming the app to iphone and instead of just ordering the google cardboard glasses kit we are going to make the google cardboard glasses by putting it on Illustrator and printing it out on the laser cutter.

Google-Cardboard-VR-3D-Glasses-Kit-Clone-Easy-Assembly-Simple-VR-Full-KitWe have been stuck on the first part of our project, to cut out the google cardboard on the laser cutter( the second part is programming the app) made patience more and more needed. The first part of this project is us finding a outline that we could easily converted the file to pdf and put into the program Adobe Illustrator. Then measured out the cardboard and laser printed. Simple right, no that actually faile, we not only realized that we were missing a piece in the outline but we realized all the lines where printing all the way through. We got another out line for iphone specific cardboard glasses and changed the line colors. Then the cardboard was too thick. We slowed down the speed and made the engraved lines dotted yet the cardboard again was too thick. We still are trying to print out our glasses. We learned that patience is very important because although we feel like quitting and probably a lot of other makers do as well. You have to keep trying and pushing and accepting and learning from failure or nothing would ever happen.

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