Creativity by Ginger Rodriguez


Such a great thing.

People may not realize it, but it is needed everywhere, not just in art, not just in music, but also engineering.

Of course, it takes engineering to create a song or an art piece, but I bet no one would expect to need creativity while creating something such as a dog house.

In my PLTW class, for our Maker Project, my group and I are making a Dog House. Everyone sort of has an idea of what a Dog House looks like. What we wanted to do was make a dog house, but make it different. We wanted it to be interesting. We didn’t want it to be something just anyone could find at any store.

My group and I thought of different ideas. The idea part is always one of the most challenging parts in creating and working on a project.

Everyone contributed different ideas. After idea and idea, we finally decided to take it back to what an original dog house looked like. We decided that we would like our dog house to be a two piece set. We were going to create an original dog house but add stairs on the side. That way not only could the dog sleep inside of the house, but during those nice days, when the weather is just right, the dog could climb the stairs and lay on top.

The way my group and I decided to make our dog house a two piece set, we decided that the stairs can be taken off if needed: for example if the dog owner was traveling with their dog somewhere and they needed to take off the stairs to fit the dog house.

My group and I are still working on our dog house idea, and we can’t wait to see the final product! image

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