Maker Project Catherine Gavin

While in my group we worked on the 3D printing module, as to prepare for our Maker Project which will include 3D printing. For our Maker Faire we will be laser cutting a piece of wood, and shading it to make a checkerboard pattern, and then designing checker pieces in what we were thinking maybe a star to represent school spirit, and then printing them out on the 3D printer. We thought that doing this module would be beneficial towards helping us learn how to 3D print, because until now none of us, in my group, new how.


Mrs. Sauter recommended that we use a program called 123D to design, because the program we used last year was a bit more complex than what we needed for our project. 123D was very easy to use and although I had to mess around with it a bit to get the hang of it, I ended up getting it. I wanted to design something that could be used and not just a random piece of plastic. So I talked to some of the people in my class, and some thought that jewelry would be a great thing to print. And then McClain said that she really loved it when animals were on jewelry. So I decided that I should somehow incorporate an animal. Because the plastic we were printing with was hard, and not stretchy I didn’t think it would be smart to try and make a necklace, bracelet or earrings. And because it was an easy design I made a ring. And with McClain’s idea in mind, I put a cute cat face with whiskers on it. After I saved it correctly (as a STL file) Elissa and I plugged it into the printer and printed it. We actually had to go back to the file and reprint the ring 3 times because the sizing was off, and wouldn’t fit correctly on a finger, or it was too thin and could break.


We will use the skills that we learned while doing this module and apply it to our Maker Project. I now know how to use the 123D design application and can use it to complete to project successfully.

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