Our Journey By Melanie Arce

For our Makerfair project my group (Alexis, Sierra, Elissa T., and Catherine) are creating  a checkerboard. Our checkerboard is gonna be designed by us and its going to be cut out by the laser cutter and our star checker pieces are going to be created by using the 3D printer. This project has been a really fun experience and a stressful experience.

         Originally our group had no experience using the 3D printer so we had to work on our Makerfair project and work on the 3D Printing module. We were very far behind on the project and on the module which created a lot of stress but luckily we got through it and started working harder. We had to create many outlines for our checkerboard and our checkerboard pieces and we had to use a lot of different programs to make it work.  We had to save our files so many time and recreate a new one. This project takes a lot of patience and its a process that you have to get used too.

         I learned so much from the 3D printing module and our Makerfair project. I learned the process of what you have to look for when buying a 3D printer. You have to make sure the 3D printer you’re buying is stable enough for what you’re creating on it because some 3D printers can shake a lot when creating a product so always looks for that in 3D printer. Also all 3D printers are not the same, some 3D printers can create items at a faster pace than other and can include more details into a product. I also learned different computer programs that you can use to make your 3D product out of. I learned that instead of using Inventor we can use 123D Design which made it a whole lot easier for us because its much more simpler then Inventor, I like 123D Design more because its simple and its not very complicated to use. Inventor has a lot of whole different varieties of buttons to click on which makes it a whole lot difficult for me and my group. We also learn how to use Illustrator and thats where we created our star checker piece and then created a SVG file and then imported it into 123D Design then created that whole file into a STL file, so I even learned how to import a file and also learned what kind of file needs to be use in order to 3D print our product. So I learned a lot through this experience and it was a fun journey, all we need left is to 3D print our star checker pieces and make a few changes then we will be done.

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