Maker Project (app making)- Carolina Vazquez

During these past weeks I and a partner have started on our maker project. This is where everyone in our grade make their own imagination come true. We have a class can either work together or can work alone in their own project. Me and my partner’s maker project is to create an app that will help all of our school. Meaning that it’s an educational app, we will have everything we need on an everyday basis in one place. This will make our ARS lives a lot easier.

Coming into this project knowing not much about softwares and making an app was hard. Because we basically knew nothing about this subject so we had to learn everything from an expert. He taught us all about how to create a prototype and how we will make an app.We have also learned about all the different software technology needed for this app. So far we only have our prototype, but I know that it will be ready by it’s due date. We have been working really hard in this app and we hope that in the end we will be able to achieve our goal.

During this learning experience to we knew how difficult it would be. But I and my partner know how to communicate and work very well together. And that’s a key point to a successful project.

If we go far enough we could potentially send it to Apple or Android to make it be a real app.

This is our imagination coming to life.

And we can’t wait to see your end result. Thank you.

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