The Start of Something New – Jasmine A.

This week, we have been working on designing our skateboard, we had four different designs, and we ended up all voting on the same one. We decided that just keeping a “simple” design would be straight up boring, so we decided that it would be best to add a quote in the middle of the skateboard.

It has basically been the planning period for us, figuring out what we want to do, and how we’re gonna do it. We also get to put in what we want to be added to  the deck, like our own personal attributions, the things that each of us individually think would look good on the board.

We are finally planning on how we are gonna assemble the board, and what we are gonna use to make the board itself, the wood finally came in so we are planning how many layers we need to keep the board itself sturdy, when it is actually made we will eventually need grip tape to make it look like an actual skateboard that you would see in a store.

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