Listen to Music through Wood by Arianna Nunez

This six weeks, everyone in the 7th period has started their maker project. Students have projects ranging from dog houses to apps for phones. So have we have begun with the first steps of our projects. We are putting all of plans together. We all have high hopes for our maker projects. And we all planned to present them at the maker faire.


My group only consists of two people. Candace Castillo and I are creating a wooden speaker. We got this idea by branching off of our first ever challenge. In our first  challenge, we had the job of creating a speaker using recycled materials. We used materials such as soda cans, aluminum foil, and plastic cups. We have decided to produce a more developed speaker of our recycled ammature version. Our version will be a wood speaker with an intricate design that will project sound.

side speaker

Our goal for the speaker is that it will have 3 main attributes. One being that the speaker will be eco friendly, we will only being using wood with our speaker. No wires required.  We will rely on the design to amplify the sound. Portable, the speaker will be a relatively small so that the user can take the speaker anyway. And most importantly, the speaker will have loud sound, and the volume of the sound will rely on the volume buttons on the phone. We also plan to make the speaker affordable if we do sell it which is highly unlikely.

At the moment, my partner and I are going over designs. We also used inspiration from a substitute, we once had. She showed us a friend of her’s who had a Esty account who created wooden speaker. We also found designs from a website called Koostik which sells wooden speakers as well. We used these as a base idea for our speaker. Though we haven’t started construction, we have a mentor from Nepris. We hope that the mentor will help us when it comes to creating the speaker and other good information. We are extremely excited to present this at the maker faire.

Koostik-2Website for wooden speakers:

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