Support Austin Schools MakerFaire Project by Allegra

Support Austin Schools MakerFaire Project

By Allegra


In PLTW, we have something called a MakerFaire. A MakerFaire is an event celebrating our engineering classes accomplishments, and is where we show off our inventions. For my MakerProject, my team and I have created a non-profit website that will help underfunded schools in Austin, TX.


Our website is going to allow people to volunteer or donate to ten Title One schools that are located in Austin. We decided to do this project because we (My team and I,) have all come from a Title One school, and we remember how hard it was to get a full education there.


For this project, we have had to learn many things. I’ve had to learn HTML coding, and my partner had to learn Adobe Photoshop. These skills will definitely help us in life, as many jobs today require knowledge of the computer world.


This project is also part of my Girl Scout Silver Award project. For the Silver Award, I have to create a long lasting project that helps the community outside of Girl Scouts. This project will definitely help the community around me, or at least I hope it will.

I’m very excited to show the website at the MakerFaire. I really want to help people, and I feel that this website will.

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