From Modules to App Design by: Marlene Mora

I know I used to write about modules and now I have something new to share with you. Recently I started my maker project. I am working with Carolina and we decided we wanted to make an app. This would be no ordinary app though. This app would be specifically designed to help girls at Ann Richards. Many of you do not know but our school is very technology oriented and we depend on many websites and apps to help us be successful. So we came up with an idea that if we had an app that gave us quick and easy access to everything, life here at Ann Richards would go much smoother. Of course neither of us knew anything about making an app so we had some help from and a guy named Nick who designed apps. He told us some cool but confusing information and all these cool websites and softwares. Of course we were excited but we started getting a little nervous. There was so much information! Especially a lot of acronyms. We did start having a mental plan though which is what Carolina and I are planning on executing soon.

Our first job was to have a plan then wire frame (a.k.a. a layout) and then prototype. We currently finished the wire frame on Adobe Illustrator and are going to use to help set up our prototype. I’m excited because this website helps us actually download the app to preview on a phone.

Our app is supposed to have a calendar/ agenda where the school’s main event calendar was synced and so are any personal events. Having an agenda on our phones would also be quicker to access and since it would be able to send reminders we wouldn’t be as likely to forget our homework. We would probably also have email, homework calendar, important links, and maybe games. I cannot wait for our final product!! Or at least our prototype ^_^ I will keep you guys updated. ARS Helper App

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