Robots, Robots, Robots. By: Jacinda P.

Building robots.
Robots are very cool but when it comes to creating them they aren’t that easy especially if it’s your first time.
During our time building the robot it required much attention because when building a robot you can easily get mixed up and attach the wrong parts and there goes your whole project. You have to be very tedious and alert so you can make sure you and all of your team is on track and not lost. Even if you’re not working on the robot at the time you still have too much attention because when It’s your turn to work on the robot you don’t want to be lost and mess up the project for the rest of the group.
Robotics is A module that i personally thought was very confusing but it also sparked some interest in me because i chose to do engineering next year for my pathway and knowing things like this will help me next year through my projects or assignments and will makes things a little less confusing.
Everyone should have a say in the group because during a project you are able to pick a certain three robots to create and even though building the robot is very difficult to create and can be very stressful you still want to be interested in what your building and want to be involved. I personally, in my group, thought it was fair that we all got a say I what we wanted to build and that is exactly what we did we both looked over the certain robots that we had to choose from and both decided on the three that we wanted to build.
In a group you have to get along to work together. So if in class you get put in a group with someone you don’t like then you have to be mature and get your work done because if one person is building the robot and they get frustrated with the other partner while building the robot you all are going to have to resolve the problem you both have and just get the work done because when you are building a robot it takes a long time and you don’t want to waste any time when building your robot. You and your group must work fair and square .
At the end of the day you have to remember to stay focused and work hard and stay on task when building a robot but also have fun with it.

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