Materials blog post – Yarisel

This time I tried the Materials module and what it basically was making a word imagewith different materials that you wanted. We used cardboard and plastic water bottles. But having to follow the requirement of it being at least 16 inches tall was probably the only big challenge we had, besides not being able to glue the water bottles together. Our requirements were :

The letters must be a minimum of 16” tall.

Minimum of 3 pieces.

Minimum of 3 materials.

You must use one meaningful object within your letter construct.

No paper or fabric.

The location for the signage must be an interior public place at the school and cannot be next to another word.

We chose the word love because when we looked around the school to see which words have they used we didn’t see love so we decided to use that word. We also had to find a good place for the word and that was by the big gym and the dance room. Because of the materials we chose it wasn’t necessary to use any drills or even a hand saw we used basic tools and that wasn’t as fun as i expected it to be. Besides that and the little challenges we had we worked well as a group and our communication throughout the group was excellent.

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