Automation and Robotics

Automation and Robotics


In this Module I learned how to design and Build a robot while using some instruction.


First we had to research a robot and tell what it does and what functions does it have, what tasks it can complete and how it completes these tasks on its own and also were these things can be used.


Next we had to build a robot that can complete a task from a list and we picked the robot that can move 20 feet as fast as we could get it and we had to build the whole robot from scratch with vex robotics pieces. We also had to program the robot to complete this task.


While doing this we had to use the skills that we learned in a previous module which was called mechanical systems where we had to learn the different gear combinations and incorporate them in learning by cutting and gluing the different gear combinations in our journals and use those to learn the different pieces and the different ways you can use these.



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