The Design Process in our Maker Project

Engineering is the pathway I’m want to go into so I’m doing modules about that pathway and eventually those skills that I was gaining will come in handy in our Maker Project. I have done the engineering module, the mechanical systems module, and I’IMG_20150313_102145-1m currently working on my fifth module, computer and automatic drafting module and many more.
Every module we do are supposed to help you gain a skill that we’ll eventually come in handy especially while were doing are maker project.All of the modules that we have done are fabulous, but I feel like the design process module is the most important and the least talked about.
As I mentioned before that Ms. Sauter (our teacher) looks at our process rather than our product, because the process is the most important part then the product.
First, we identified the steps of the design process. The design process have 5 major steps; identifying your problem, generateĀ concepts, develop a solution, construct and test a prototype, and evaluate solution. The first step, identifying your problem, is basically asking yourself what the problem is and decided whether or not your problem is valid. Generating concepts is just asking yourself what you need and have to solve your problem. Developing a solution is brainstorming (most important part) for an idea that will solve your problem. Constructing and testing a prototype is making the solution that yoimageu decide was the best to solve your problem and making sure it works and if it doesn’t work make changes. Last but not least, evaluating solution is just making sure your problem is solved.
Understanding the design process is really important to know it now that we are working on are maker project.

By:Luz Cruz

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