The Making in the Maker Space

It is so easy to wonder how things could be better or ask yourself “what if” questions in life. What if this computer’s screen were bigger? What if there was a robot that could help you do chores. (well there kind of already is for example the dishwasher helps you wash the dishes and the washer machine washes your clothes) What if there was a desk chair with drawers under it for your supplies? What if there was a 3D printed chair? Well let me tell you that there could be a chair with drawers, there could be a computer with a bigger screen and there definitely could be a 3D printer.

Right now in my PLTW (Project Lead The way) class the maker project is going on. Many groups are formed with new ideas to make. There are many cool ideas. One group I know is making a dollhouse with dolls included. My group and I decided that we are going to make a 3D printed chair. We are not going to make the whole chair in one piece but in several pieces. Once we have all the pieces we will assemble them in their form and maybe screw them together so it’s more secure.

The upcoming week we are going to be working on the computer designing the chair on computer software. The computer software we will be using is called Tinkercad. We hope it’s pretty easy to do. Once it’s in the computer software we will print the pieces out and hopefully

Computer Software

our chair is successful. I am really excited to see how this project will end up. You never know what you can do until you try. 🙂

Jazmin M.

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