Biomedical: The Making Of A Prosthetic Leg

image (1)My group and I did a module based on building a prosthetic leg. We had to invent a prosthetic leg so that the person who loosed a leg can replace it with a moving leg and function it like a normal leg, but not your real leg. So we planned out how we were going to make the prosthetic leg, and the way the prosthetic leg was going to look like.

Then my group and I started to construct the prosthetic leg,image so we made it out of cardboard and figured out what size the prosthetic leg was going to be. Once we were done measuring the size of the prosthetic leg we were starting to put the leg together and make it stable so that it was not easy to break.

Finally we were done with making our prosthetic leg. This module came out handy to me because I was able to get better at measuring and constructing things by putting things together. This would help me in the future because I’m going to be using the things I learned from this module to things I will do further on. Starting with my maker faire project in making/constructing a 3D printed chair.

~Jennifer D.A.

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