Humor by Jackelyn Ortega

Making a word out of recycled materials and making it look like what the word means, was a difficult task. Being creative with this module was a challenge. Wanting it to look more unique than the other words other people have created and make it look fun, was our goal. As well as wanting the word to have a specific theme to it, but at the same needing to successfully achieve the requirements was our target.
So to make all of these actually happen we needed to be creative and focused, but of course that wasn’t gonna be the case all the time. We might goof off here and there, but most of the time we tried our best to make that happen. Making the word’s letter was really hard because finding the materials to make it was difficult look for especially at school.

We did eventually find our materials we needed, even though it wasn’t the materials we wanted we had to work with it. After dealing with that problem, we had to come up with a theme to decorate the letters since the other words that had been created using the materials looked pretty lame so we needed to create them more fun looking. Our theme ended up being colorful so we just made each letter look colorful in a different way like for example the “M” we used, we cut up cd’s to give it a different color and look.

So when we finally checked off everything off of our list we were happy with our product we loved the way it looked. We did think about changing something’s, but for the first try we did do good so I’m proud of our product and my group I was with.

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