Maker Project

Cosmetics has been the finalized decision for our maker project. Creating these organic products will require sometime to figure out, and time is key to this. We wanted to not only learn how to make these products, but to teach others how to as well.

 We decided we wanted to test out the bath bombs, because all we knew about them was they released pretty colors and shiny bubbles when thrown into the tub. We started off by researching online about the ingredients and measurements needed, as well as how the body would be benefiting from the bath bombs. Once we had acquired all the information, we entered a production phase and through the process we discovered ways to improve and individualize our bath bombs from the original formula. This experimentation has helped us understand how to improve our product, and we will continue with the experimentation with not only our bath bombs but lip scrubs and balms as well.


If you were to ask my teammates about their experience to this point, they would agree with me on that making these cosmetics takes patience and precision. You can’t just mix everything randomly then compress it into a ball and expect it to bubble immensely in the water, you need to inform yourself (research), try it out, then find ways to improve it, simple things are more complex than what you think.

 In conclusion we’ve learned how to be efficient workers and how to enhance our products. I’ve enjoyed the making and creativity I’ve put into my maker project and I can’t wait to continue onto the making of our lip balms and scrubs.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

~Andrea S.

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