The Birth Of A Maglev Train

By: Truc Ly

Wonderful news! I’m going to start a new project that you’ll be witnessmaglev training. This time, I haven’t completed the project, in fact, I’m just starting it. So you’ll see the birth of a model Maglev Train that my teammates and I are going to build.

It was a while ago when I did this module about using littleBits,you might have read on the earlier post. But if you didn’t…

train 1

About three or two months ago, I did this module on Computer Science. Our project was to build anything that will function using littleBits. My team decided that we should build a toy train. The train is made of cardboard, and we use the laser engraver to cut it. It was a new and fun project for us. In the end the train was able to light up and “honk”.  This  module stuck with me for a really long time, and I decided to make something even better.

train 2

At first, I came up with a lot of crazy ideas about making a the sculpture of the Earth. Then came to the idea of making a wooden toy train. Sounds easy,but I went through a lot of ideas and thought about using magnets. I always had an interest in them. I love the idea of opposites attract. I knew that this maker project is going to be about a toy train and magnets. The whole product itself is a blur to me. No one knows what exactly I was thinking, I don’t even know myself.

Not until my team talked to Oren. He is this super smart guy in the Maker Space. He is like our second teacher, beside Mrs. Sauter. We talked to him about our idea and he told us about Maglev Train, and how they function. I thought, “Yes, this is exactly I want to build for my Maker Project.”

I have actually liked this type of train since 4th grade. During the STAAR test, I read a passage about Maglev Train. At that time, I never knew what the train was called so I didn’t get to do any further research. It is fate for me to do this project. Since, I’m not able to build this model of Maglev Train yet, but soon enough.

Maglev Train Model Plan

There are many way to make something to levitate. Maglev Trains are the fastest trains on Earth. Many country have already built a track for these super trains to run on.  In America we have already built one from New York to Washington D.C. From what I have seen so far, Maglev Trains are going to be the most relevant transportation in the United States. Maglev Trains don’t get drag by friction, so that’s why they are so fast.

My plan for the train track is to make it out of magnets, facing up with the North pole. The bottom of the train is going to have magnets stuck under facing down with the North Pole. When the same poles meet, they repel eachother. This action will help the train levitate on it own. There will be two beams on the side of the track and the side of the train will have magnets organized  like this.


This way, the train will keep its balance. I haven’t completed this project yet, so I don’t exactly know if this is going to work, but I hope it will. My goal was to at least have the train levitate. This model is way that the train going to propel itself forward.

Our train is not going to be super cool like some of you might imagine. The train is going look like a box. Just letting you know so you will not be so disappointed. This project is going to be test for me and my teammates,to see if we can actually make something ourselves, without any instruction.

This is a trait of a leader in our school, learning to take risks. This maker project is the going to be the first important risk that I’m going to take. May the odds be ever in my favor.

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