Teammates by Litzy Santana

It always seems more easy to go with your best friends when it comes to picking teammates for a group, but is that the best decision?

We always think that just because were working with our friends everything is going to be fine and we will work hard but thats just not the truth, working with your friends is not the only choice. Why not challenge yourself to work with people outside of your comfort zone. You never know if that girl that sit in the corner is cool or not because you’re too scared of trying new things.


My point is that you shouldn’t be afraid of working with new people,new brains, new ideas. If the reason that you don’t work with new people is because you think your friends will be mad, thats on them not on you, if they’re your true friends they won’t care who you work with.


Personally, I’ve tried working with other people that I don’t talk to on a usual basis and the result was better than i thought. I didn’t only make new friends I heard new ideas that if i had worked with the same people I maybe wouldn’t have heard.


Here are some few tips when trying something new:


  1. When working with new people always remember to be yourself.
  2. Be open to new ideas and listen to all they have to say
  3. Talk to them inside  and outside of class it will let them know that you don’t only want them to be your teammates but your new friends
  4. Be fabulous 🙂

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