Yet Another Adventure (by Avery)

Yet Another Adventure an amusing blog post by Avery

Oh no.

What do I write about?

I can’t really say much, as not much has been going on, at all.

Well, I’ve started my Maker Project

Ah yes, I’ve started my Maker Project. That’s certainly something to talk about. And so far, the whole task has sailed about as smoothly as the Titanic.

It all started when I had a sudden idea for something great. I was listening to The Logical Song and I thought, oh hey, this would look great animated! And it occurred to me that I could animate it. It also occurred to me, later, that I did not, a, own this song, and b, play any instruments. I could use a song from the public domain (no, all obscure 1920s songs) or make one myself (no, I would have to do that a capella).

So I gave up on that idea. It didn’t seem very logical in the first place, anyways (cue mass applause). Fast forward to math class, where I was briefly daydreaming about this completely random thing I made up about three years ago.


I don’t really remember when I thought of this idea in the first place, but the idea was that there was this port town where all these mutants and animal hybrids and stuff lived. Of course, this sounds like precisely the thing I would make when I was in fifth grade.

At home I unearthed the planning sheet and looked it over. It actually looked like a good idea, one that I could pull off. I wouldn’t have to use music.

And then I realized that animating people would be hard. Really, really hard. Not that I’ve ever animated anyone, but I assume with all of our moving parts, humans would be quite difficult to animate.

Flashback to the summer, where I would listen to Here Come the ABC’s on a loop. Eventually, I started a comic on letters with personalities.


That was the very first panel. I went on to create more.

I think I was sitting around and suddenly,


And so this was my plan. It took a while for my application to be accepted, and for me to find a way to animate this, but hey, I’m on a roll.

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