Sometimes Simple is Better

by Khammila S.

Just a day ago, I came back from India an entirely different world and unlike the United States, India has a very different system of how things work. For instance, they don’t use lanes when driving, they honk and pass whoever they want. In India, everyone and everything is free, free to wander and do as they please. Cows walk across streets and children play outside till it’s dark.

Going to India, made me see how living “simple” or with less is actually better. Of course, it’s good to have an organized government because in India their government is based more on physical labor, which can leave some people without jobs and in poverty. Whereas ours is more on your mental abilities thus, creating this huge competition throughout our lives in grades and jobs.


Once coming back, I thought, why not both? How could I create something that was able to do the work of complicated machine using simple materials? This is something people are getting millions of dollars for and are also struggling to do. As humans, almost all of the time we are trying to find the easiest route.

As you may have heard, there is a Maker Faire in our city where people present really cool and creative inventions. We decided we wanted to make something that people could use easily everyday and was portable. The Portable Phone Projector was born, and it will soon be able to make presenting and entertainment easier for your everyday needs. To sum it up, it’s basically able to project any image or video on your phone along with any sound or music. Check again in a few weeks for an update!

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