Doll Houses And The Details

By Sammie Seamon

This six weeks we started on our Maker Project! The maker project is for our first annual Make-O-Rama. Our grade has divided into groups, and each group is going to make something of their choice to display at the Make-O-Rama. Our group is making an interactive dollhouse. The child can be creative and move the stories either on top of each other in the desired order, or next to each other to make a long house. This will be possible by attaching velcro straps to the outside of the walls.

I am in charge of the furniture of the house and helping with the dolls. To say, sewing. I love sewing and everything to do with fabric, so this is a good role for me. I’m working on my machine sewing skills and am very excited about the personal projects this skill will lead to. I am already very adept in hand sewing and different kinds of stitching, and I have some experience in machine sewing. We just recently got new fabric for the dolls and interior of the house. Helen will be helping me with interior design, and I am genuinely super excited about how our dollhouse will turn out. We will probably be adding bits and pieces even after the Make-O-Rama.

So far, we have cut out the pieces of wood for the frame, and are painting them. The frame is nearly assembled, then we will move on to the walls and room dividers. Meanwhile, I’m busy working on the dolls with Isabella and making furniture. We all still have a little ways to go; I need to lasercut the furniture pieces, and we still need to install the walls and room dividers.


I’m super excited about this project, and I’m really glad that I get to use my interests like sewing in this project. The Make-O-Rama is going to be great!

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