Maker Project in the Making


We are currently making a story board for the video that we will project at the maker fair.

Whe n Mrs. Sauter first told our class that we were going to have a maker’s project, I was very confused. I didn’t have any of what I could possibly make. As the days got closer to us having to pick an idea, I kept getting more and more worried. What would I possibly make that could help a human want?

At first, I was desperate to join a group because I had no ideas of my own. I went around asking, practically begging people to let me be in their group. When no one had any more room for one more person, I thought to myself that I had to think as much as I could and figure out what someone would want but doesn’t yet exist?

I went on a mission that day, I asked all my friends what they would want to have in their lives but yet doesn’t exist. They all came to one thing: a portable phone projector. I went to class the next day and asked some people if they wanted to be in my group. I got one person to join my group and our project began. The first thing we did was submit an application to Mrs. Sauter so we could get some feedback. Mrs. Sauter said she liked our idea and thought it would be cool.projector

As we have begun our first few stages of our project I have really enjoyed the whole idea of this project. I know personally, that a phone projector is something that a lot of us want, but seem almost impossible to get our hands on. After my group and I finish making our prototype I’m excited to see where this will lead us.

When we are little we all imagine being rich and famous. But, for what reason? When I get older and I have a brilliant idea of what we could use in our lives I will use the skills I have learned in this process. I am no longer afraid to take chances of things that seem ridiculously impossible to make. As I look around my pltw class, I see students making things that we never saw possible. I love what we do in this school. We turn the impossible into something possible that we will take with us our entire lives.

-Nishi P.

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